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Ice Hotel, Swedish

(Photo Credit: Soulofsweden.tumblr)

Mirror Hotel, Berlin

(Photo Credit: Webochka)

Magic Mountain Hotel, Chile

(Photo Credit:

Boat Hotel, Maldives

(Photo Credit: Escapenormal)

The Floating Ark Hotel, Chine

(Photo Credit: Fugood.tumblr)

Bubble Hotel, perfect to watch the stars, French

(Photo Credit: Attrap-reves)

Castle Hotel, Austria

(Photo Credit: Panoramio)

Trojan Horse Hotel, Belgium

(Photo Credit: Unusualhotelsoftheworld)

Airplane Hotel, Costa Rican Jungle

(Photo Credit: Huffingtonpost)

Das Park Hotel, Austria

(Photo Credit: Theworldroamer)

Take Me Here, Under Water Hotel, Fiji

This is the Nautilus Undersea Suite at The Poseidon Resort, Fiji . It's located 40 ft under the water (Photo Credit: Poseidonresorts).

Free Spirit Sphere Treehouses, Canada

Photo Credit: Boredpanda)

Mirror Tree House, Sweden

Photo Credit: Boredpanda)

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