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Tick tock truck: Giant clock at a deserted airfield is made up of 14 LORRIES driving in a circle: 

The bizarre clock (main picture) was created by Swedish vehicle firm Scania in an unknown location and relied on a carefully choreographed routine in order for the 90 drivers to keep it 'ticking' for a full 24 hours. Comprising 14 lorries (pictured inset), along with 90 drivers, the huge clock face was created on a deserted air field, on a site measuring 750,000 square feet (70,000 square metres).

The massive timepiece was driven by a crew of 90 for 24 hours 

The huge clock face measured 50,000 square ft (70,000 square m)

The trucks that made up the second hand had to drive on a round track in a perfect circle every 60 seconds for 24 hours

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