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10. Brequet Pocket Watch 1970 BA/12 $734,000

Most expensive watches

This very stylish pocket watch in 18 karat gold is a beautiful piece of work. It is hand engraved and features a silver face of exquisite workmanship. A secure watch chain is called for after you have traded an old watch for this piece.


9. Blancpain 1735 Grande Complication $800,000

This magnificent representation of the watchmaker's art is another self winding watch. No more batteries are you have traded your old watch for this. Some parts of this watch have been crafted from 18 karat gold.


8. Louis Moinet Magistralis $860,000

Most expensive watches

This remarkably stylish man's watch contains a genuine piece of meteorite that was found on the moon. After you have traded in your old watch for this you will have no excuse about what day of the year it is as it has a perpetual calendar mechanism.


7.Hublot Black Caviar Bang $1 million

Most expensive watches

After you have traded your husband's watch for this beauty he will never miss an anniversary again. Its 18 karat case of white gold is embellished with black diamonds and white diamonds are mounted on the face.


6. Chopard Super Ice Cube $1.1 million

Most expensive watches

What woman would not want her old watch traded for this beautiful diamond watch? With its 60 karats of diamonds this watch and bracelet is water resistant to 100 feet and also resistant to scratches.


5. Patek Philippe Sky Moon Tourbillon $1.3 million

Most expensive watches

This incredibly complicated watch has the night sky on one side that has precision that is all of its own. The front is also complex with date and the moon phases. This is an amazing watch and a piece of modern art.


4. Vacheron Constatin Tour de I'lle $1.5 million

Most expensive watches

This 18 karat gold watch has a blue sapphire non-reflective glass. It is a two sided watch that is definitely worth being traded for. You can set this watch to a second time zone. Wonderful for the world traveller.


3. Patek Philippe Platinum World Time $4 million

Most expensive watches

What a stylish watch after you traded you old digital for. This watch winds itself and you find the time anywhere in the world. This watch has a variety of finishes to choose from, yellow, white and rose gold and platinum for the discerning buyer.


2. Patek Philippe Super Complication $11 million

Most expensive watches

An 18 carat gold pocket watch with over 900 parts took 5 years to make. Originally it was made for an American banker called Henry Graves. A good trading firm should be able to locate one for you. Another great watch from master makers "Patek Philippe" who make a watch suitable for every man.


1. Chopard 210 karat $25 million

Most expensive watches

With its 201 karats of coloured diamonds, this watch is for the love of your life. It is a spectacular piece of jewellery first and a timepiece second. This watch is beautiful and simple time piece that looks like it is surrounded by flowers.










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