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21 Useful White Elephant Gifts Under $20

Practical gifts don’t have to be expensive!

By Brittany Nims

Don’t get us wrong, we love white elephant gifts that are so bad they’re good. But sometimes you want to give a gift that you know will actually get used at some point or another. In honor of practical gift-giving, we’ve searched the internet for these 21 useful ideas for gift exchanges.

Take a look below at these under-$20 white elephant gifts for anyone who’s down with practical purchases:

1 Cable yoyo


A sleek way to keep your headphones and other charging cables from knotting. Get it here. 

2 Electric car blanket


This heated travel blanket is a must-have for drivers, especially those in cold-weather states. Just keep it in your trunk for emergencies, to store it up front for everyday use during the winter months. Get it here. 

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